Coffee Vending Service in Salt Lake City, UT

Ready to get started?

ACE Vending strives to provide high-quality solutions and a personalized customer experience as vending machine supplier for West Valley, UT.    We provide a variety of items including snacks, sodas, coffee, refrigerated and cold foods.

We offer partial subsidy and pantry packages. Partial subsidy is when the company shares product costs with employees as an incentive program. Pantry services are when all products are free and the company pays for the costs.  If you are looking for vending machines in West Valley UT and a dedicated food provider to work with, please give us a call.

Our vending solutions are implemented within 3 steps:


DISCUSS your needs with you directly in-person, over the phone or through email.


CUSTOMIZE your needs by creating a proposal, outlining the selection of vending machines that fit your employee base, and cover pricing.


DELIVERY is the final step in acquiring your vending solutions. There is no charge for us to deliver or set up machines at your facility.

How do I get coffee vending services in Salt Lake City, UT?

  • Is there an employee requirement to source your vending machines?

    Our only requirement is that more than 50 people will utilize the machines.

  • What are your sales options?

    We offer several options to service your employees such as subsidized sales and commission sales go to employee events.

  • We’re interested in doing our own vending, can you help?

    Yes, we carry a full line of new and used vending machines that can fit within your budget.

  • What if there is a problem with my vending machine?

    Contact us for support at our home office in Salt Lake City, UT . We fix all make and models of vending machines we provide.